Preparing your CV can often be a challenging task, the main things to remember are –

  • Keep it simple – hiring managers are not looking for a expansively designed CV.
  • Ensure that your dates & titles are correct – often hiring managers will utilise their network and conduct informal reference checks before they interview.
  • If you have made a difference make sure it's on your CV – for example during my time at x company I developed a product that increased company revenues by 25%.
  • Keep your CV to a maximum of 3 pages, ensuring that your last 3 roles have sufficient details.
  • Ensure that you adapt your CV to each role you are applying for – drawing on the experience you have that features in the specification.


Attending interviews can be a stressful experience, the main things to concentrate on are –

  • Be Prepared – ensure that you spend enough time researching the company.
  • Use LinkedIn to research the Interviewer.
  • Be early – the interview process can be daunting, so ensure you don't add any unnecessary pressure by being late.
  • If you are going to be judged on your technical skills, ensure that you "brush up" on any technology you haven't used for a while but is on your CV.
  • At the end of the interview ask for feedback – you might be able to address any concerns.
  • And finally, it has been proven that decisions are often made within the first 3 minutes of an interview, so be sure to wear a smart suit and polish your shoes!