Case Study

Enterprise Blueprints

Enterprise Blueprints is a consultancy firm focused on technology architecture, they hire senior level Solutions and Enterprise Architects predominately from the Banking domain. Due to high demand from their clientele Enterprise Blueprints needed to significantly increase their workforce over a period of 12 to 18 months. Initially EB had tried a conventional recruitment strategy of direct hires, advertising & hiring via a small number of agencies. The major issues for Enterprise Blueprints had been the amount of management time the process was demanding as well as the spiralling 'cost per hire'.


Davenport put together a proposal to form a strategic alliance with Enterprise Blueprints, a solution that cut the amount of 'management time per hire' by 53% and reduced the 'cost per hire' significantly.

The Davenport Resource Manager is responsible the entire recruitment process, which in EB's example included -

  • Supporting the line manager in developing the job description.
  • Develop the recruitment strategy with the line manager and managing director.
  • Sourcing and pre-screening the candidates ensuring that the internal network is utilised.
  • Arranging the interviews with both the line managers and the candidates – the resource manager has access to the line managers diary.
  • Collating the interview feedback form the line manager and candidate.
  • Chairing the discussion with the line manager and MD with regards to the next steps – agree action.
  • Conduct the offer negotiation with the candidate.
  • Produce and send out the offer letter.
  • Collate all necessary documentation and take references – feedback to the line manager.
  • manage the 'on-boarding process'.

Davenport also proactively builds Enterprise Blueprints 'talent pool' ensuring we can act quickly and efficiently to requirements.